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Brief history!

I've worked for 25 years in the industry as an actor, director, producer, agent, casting director, acting coach and external panelist from post compulsory education through to masters level, with 13 years experience as a headshot photographer based in London.

My formal training includes: NYT; Guildhall School of Music and Drama (BA Acting); Birkbeck University of London (Masters in Theatre Directing). 
As a training actor, I was transfixed by the A-Z Spotlight books and would scrutinise tens of thousands of images, searching for the most compelling headshots, matching the photographers and actors with agents, and examining the consistencies and polarities between an attractive picture, and a striking, unapologetic portrait. 
With the growth of ongoing drama series, matchless unlimited streaming, and content way beyond terrestrial channels, the concept of a conventional headshot is constantly, and rapidly changing, and a more targeted, cinematic image is needed to reflect a changing industry. 
I set up my business, in direct response to the growing need for actors to  recognise and embrace their casting type, commit to strong, fearless choices, break from uniformity and ultimately redefine the traditional headshot. 
It isn’t natural for an actor to be unanimated. To have no script. No set. No costume. No character. No director. To simply sit and stare into a lens can feel extremely exposing, and it's something many actors are unlikely to do on the job. But an arresting headshot is the outcome any actor or performer wants from their session, and my aim is create the most emotionally engaging moment, captured in a single image, of you. I'm not interested in model faces, perfect skin, or single angles. I want you to feel completely able to engage with the entire process as an actor, above all else, as if it's written in the script 

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