Coronavirus Update


Hello! I do hope you're all coping in these WEEEEIRD times! 

I have now OPENED for business - in a very flexi-flexi way. I know you might need haircuts or to get rid of some dodgy lockdown tan lines, and some of you will be feeling a mix of hopefulness and hopeless. 


I've set a new rule that if you book over the next couple of months, and need to cancel or postpone due to feeling worse for wear, physically or psychologically, I absolutely understand and no deposits will be lost. 


If you have any difficulty booking online through the Book Your Session page, or any problems accessing my diary, questions about your session (no question is too daft!) , or if you can't find a date that suits you...or if you'd simply rather book directly with me, please fill in the form below, or email me at: 

NB. Sometimes I get cancellations last minute which may free up your ideal session time. So always feel happy to contact me to enquire if the date you'd like is not available.

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