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 Frequently Asked Questions

If you'd like to book, please use the booking form on the CONTACT page

I want you to be as comfortable as possible and feel like you can ask me anything. Just to save a bit of time and ensure you feel as prepared as possible for your session, I’ve compiled a rather serious FAQ page to answer the more common questions.

Please do read ALL FAQ's before booking

If you have any further questions, please do contact me directly. No question is too daft! 


1) I am a natural light photographer, based in Dulwich, London SE21


2) I have 2 studio dogs - Floofy & Pip. 

If you would love them to be at your session, email me to check they'll be in that day, or if you're at all worried, just let me know and they can snuggle up at home instead. 

​What shall I bring to wear?


I usually aim to shoot 5 'looks' during your session, which can vary from period to contemporary/commercial, or can simply be 5 ways you like to present yourself without 'costuming' the images. This is probably one of the most important aspects of headshots, so please do spend time preparing beforehand, and come with clear ideas of what you would like to achieve. Chatting to your agent beforehand is an excellent guide to creating a headshot which involves your unique perspective alongside their ideas for your casting, within my visual aesthetic. Always stay close to your authentic self, even when presenting for 'character' roles. 

I am always happy to shoot whatever type of shot you and your agent have decided upon, if it's within my aesthetic, and I'm happy to shoot beyond 5 looks if time allows. If you bring 20 tops and hope to shoot them all, you'll need to be decisive, quick, and somewhat ruthless on top changes, similarly if you'd like to straighten or curl hair, or shave midway. Please aim to be realistic - it may not be possible to shoot every look imaginable, to the highest level, and you may need to let some ideas go in favour of stronger, more accomplished casting choices or personal preference. Also please note I don't shoot real fur. 

Regardless of what kind of images you want, please make sure you have clear and concise ideas of which looks you'd like to achieve, and the order you'd like to shoot them in according to hair and make-up changes. The clearer your ideas, and the more you bring to the room in terms of your own opinions, offerings, specific castings, the more likely it is you will fulfil what you set out to achieve. Please try not to be overly ambitious or leave it to the photographer. You can't be all things to all people, and narrowing down a broad brief can be extremely rewarding. Give yourself healthy, self-aware casting boundaries, and think about how you'd like to present yourself as an actor over the next 12-24 months of your career. 

If you're unsure of ideas, perhaps you haven't had headshots before, or simply need some inspiration, browse the Gallery page here, or my Facebook and Instagram pages (see links below) and take a look at what other actors are wearing through their shoots to see what might work for you. Think over the decades. Look in your grandpa's wardrobe, check out your mum's old pics. Anything with a musty smell or old charity finds, as well as new offerings from the high street - bring them! Every top will appeal to a different director or CD, so work out what you want to be seen for, and bring the look to 'nod' to the style, director and era. Or if you prefer general images of you on a good day, bring colours and styles you know most suit your build and skin tone.. 

Always remember, these are headshots designed to have traction as a performer, they are not modelling shots. Do chat to your agent beforehand so your ideas are in harmony. 


Where are you based, and how do I get there?

I am based at my studio in West Dulwich, South East London. I shoot inside on painterly backdrops and use entirely natural light, I have a space where actors can get ready, and where we have a beautiful view of the city. 

Cycling: Not for the faint hearted (or sweat-prone) on headshot day, but if you do cycle, you can leave the bike safely inside the building. Please let me know beforehand so I can organise this in advance.

Driving: Free local parking spaces can be found on the nearby streets, and there is a small visitors carpark which is pay-to-park via mobile app. Please leave yourself plenty of time for traffic nuisances (headshot day traffic!), finding a parking space, and getting yourself and your bag over to the studio. 

Bus: The local bus in the number 3 which transports many an actor back and to from Brixton (Victoria Line).

Train: The nearest overground is West Dulwich or West Norwood. Always leave more time than you think you need to find the building 

Uber: Lovely!

Is your studio space accessible and is there accessible parking?

Yes, my studio space is fully wheelchair accessible, and there is on-site parking available. Please be aware we will need to use a lift. All types of dogs and service dogs are welcome. A fridge and water is provided for anyone who needs to take medication, and sugar snacks are also available. 

Where do I meet you? 

When you have booked your session, you will receive full details of where to go when you arrive at the venue. 

What kind of hair/make-up shall I do?

The best advice I can give here is Know Thyself. Only you know who you are, and how you want to present your authentic self. If you're slightly unsure, as a general guide, do book in a professional MUA, or take lessons from a make-up tutorial online, masterclasses or an in-house make-up consultation. I recommend Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Fenty, Pat McGrath Labs, Beauty Pie, Il Makiage for ideas and products.

If you just need general guidance, speak to your agent or acting coach/mentor. I advise your usual daytime look for auditions, which you can add to as we go along. For bobbed to longer hair, salt spray, tousled, blow-dried and easy-going can often be the best style for headshots, but if you're aiming for various looks, do plan ahead how you will change and wear your hair with which top choices. Whatever your gender, you will want to feel that your hair is working with you, not against you, so any styling beforehand will be really helpful. Blowdrying and curling in session can eat into time I'd rather spend with you, in front of the lens. Remember - the mirror can be a thief of time! 

Make-up is so individual, some people feel naked without a strong lip, so do chat to your agent and make choices together. Heavy eye make-up or darker lip gloss can also date your picture and change your casting age-range. If in doubt, work a natural look and gently emphasise either the eyes or the lips, but not both. Steer clear away from fake tan and contouring - unless it is subtle. A good face base is imperative, so please, please bring a translucent powder with you or oil control pads. Good skincare and lip care for a couple of weeks before session can reap rewards. Please do not rely on photoshop and retouching - all retouching is done at the company's discretion and cannot be guaranteed. 

Do you shoot full-length or dance shots?

I specialise in headshot photography for actors, singers, dancers, performance artists and models. If you would like full length images for dance, or portfolio, please do email me and I can recommend photographers who specialise in that forum

Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?


I currently shoot indoors at my studio in Dulwich, using available natural light and painterly backdrops. 

How long will it take?

Please leave 2 hours for your shoot - we rarely need it - but don't book anything in too tightly before or afterwards to remove 'headshot stress'. Please don't be late for your shoot. It is far more relaxing for you to be ready by my studio, rather than still dragging your suitcase up the road minutes before you're due to shoot. It adds a lot of stress to the session for you, and arriving early to ground yourself before your session is a Great Idea. 


Can I bring someone with me? 


If you are planning to bring someone with you - baby, dog, partner, parent or even an MUA or stylist - please discuss it with me before your shoot. Sometimes another person in the session isn't always helpful, and occasionally can slow the process down, delay arriving punctually, or make the space less comfortable, or the focus less on you.

The most important rapport in the room needs to be between you and I. 

How and when do I pay for my session? 

You pay for your session via bank transfer or Paypal 3 days before the shoot. I can't go ahead with a session if the session hasn't been paid for in advance. 

Rates are £380 for everyone. This includes the £300 session fee and a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of £80. You will receive approx 300 shots in an online gallery to view in low res, plus 3 high res digital jpeg retouches in colour to download. 

Unfortunately I cannot accept credit card or cheques as payment and do not operate a refund policy. A non-refundable non-transferable deposit of £80 will be taken on booking to secure your session, my time and the studio space. If you don't pay the deposit, you may lose the session. You will lose the £80 deposit if you cancel or do not attend. However - if given plenty of notice and if I can fill your session, I will return your deposit or offer it as credit towards a future shoot. This is at my discretion. If you need to postpone your session, I cannot guarantee immediacy on future availability, and you may need to check my online diary to reschedule your session. 

I do not offer refunds on headshot sessions. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Are retouches included in the price?


Yes. You will receive 3 digital retouches of your choice from an unedited low res gallery of images taken on the day and posted to an online hosting platform. Retouch includes blemishes, simple skin work, and some hair tidying, with subtle shifts in tones and exposure in post. Pease note that all retouching is done at the discretion of the company and retouch notes provided by the client are not guaranteed. 

Please ensure you are happy with all terms before booking your session.

In the rare event that I need to cancel, your deposit will be returned to you. I am not responsible for any travel/accommodation incurred expenses.  

What if I don't like my hair, make-up, clothes, face during the session?

I always ask actors to come as prepared as possible, with tried and tested hair and make up in order to minimise any disasters on the day. Please don't cut or colour your hair just before the session. If in doubt, leave about 2 weeks between salon and studio. Similarly with eyebrow care, suntanning, pre-shoot shaving, upper lip bleaching. Limit disasters before your session! 

I have mirrors, hair products and make up at the studio, which you are welcome to use. Remember, 2 hours passes very quickly, so try to arrive at the studio with hair and face as you would like to shoot them. Even a 'quick' hair boost can take 15 minutes off your session. Please note I don't offer refunds (this does not affect your statutory rights), or reshoots/reparations on the basis of not liking hairstyles, make-up, top choices, facial expressions, or available light at varying times of year, so the more rehearsed you are, the more prepared you are, the easier the process will be, and you will also be far more likely to enjoy the session. 


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions

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