Frequently Asked Questions

CoronaVirus Update: The Serious Bit

Please note that I have had my first Covid vaccination in March 2021

Please book responsibly - if you are experiencing any symptoms, please wait 2 weeks before booking your session. Please bring a face covering and do email me if you would prefer to only shoot outside. 

If you can drive to your session, please do. 

If you need to bring gin to relax you, please don't.

Drive, that is.

Always bring the gin. 

Any questions - please email me at

If you'd like to book, please use the booking form on the CONTACT page

I want you to be as comfortable as possible and feel like you can ask me anything. However, to save a bit of time and ensure you feel as prepared as possible for your session, I’ve compiled a rather serious FAQ page to answer the more common questions.

Please do read ALL FAQ's before booking

If you have any further questions, please do contact me directly. No question is too daft! 


1) I am a natural light photographer, based in East Dulwich, London SE21


2) I have 2 studio dogs - The Right Honourable GOOFY FLOOFY (who's a very good CurlyWurlyGirly)

And Sir Lord Pippington Francis Bacon Buttie (also known as Pip)

​What shall I bring to wear?

What shouldn't you bring to wear!? Generally I advise to bring plenty (read 30+ options) top changes which we can look at together when you arrive. Browse the Gallery page here, or my Facebook and Instagram pages (see links below) and take a look at what other actors are wearing through their shoots to see what might work for you. Pack it all in an over-large suitcase - you'll be glad you did.

I am a huge fan of oversized, masculine lines, and materials with lives of their own. Think over the decades. Look in your grandpa's wardrobe, check out your mum's old pics, and anything with a musty smell or old charity finds - bring them! They will be the bang in the firework that is you. (Too much...?) 

Also - clean, contemporary lines for the men - eg. v-tee, slim-fit shirt/jumper/crewneck) plus smart darker blazers, variants on jackets, leather, thicker or thinner-rib jumpers, think about your casting. Every top will sell you to a different director or CD, so work out what you want to be seen for, and bring the look to match the style, director and era. Assume you need more; more collar types, more ties, more coats, more jackets, Don't sell Tesco Manager if you want to be seen for high end barrister roles. Think carefully, beg, borrow, steal tops from friends and family if you don't own them. Give your agent SO much to work with. Low necks and neckline variations for the women are always good options. Be unafraid of bolder choices - textures, textures  textures! Patterns, colours, striking tops. I'm slightly allergic to lycra, as a rule. Vest tops, t-shirts, scoop necklines are often not as flattering as you'd hope. Think structure and a variety of fabrics, textures, patterns, colours that stray away from block colours can be surprisingly effective. 

Keep the look contemporary and consider dressing for your age and casting type/possibilities. Don't make the mistake of shooting 'costume' options, but if you want a vintage feel in your shots, bring 'era' clothes beyond the 2019 H&M range. If you want to work with Shane Meadows, Danny Boyle, Richard Curtis, work out your character and play to type.  

What kind of hair/make-up shall I do?

As a general guide, if you are unsure, book in a professional hair and make-up application. If doing your own make up/styling, try not to over-groom. Straightened hair on girls can look dated in a headshot (unless the hair is short and/or has a sculpted cut), so try and keep the hair loose and natural. Salt spray, tousled, blow-dried easy-going hair.

Do make sure your hair has shape and structure, and please bring a good hairspray.

Heavy eye make-up or darker lip gloss can also date your picture and change your casting age-range. If in doubt, work a natural look and gently emphasise either the eyes or the lips, but not both. Steer clear away from fake tan and contouring - unless it is subtle. Soft kohl on the eyes generally works for younger skins instead of liquid eyeliners, and a good face base is imperative, so please, please bring a translucent powder with you or oil control pads - guys too. Shiny, pink skin isn't a good look guys! Please do not rely on photoshop and retouching - all retouching is done at the company's discretion and cannot be guaranteed

Do you shoot full-length or dance shots?

I specialise in headshot photography for actors, singers, dancers, performance artists
and models. 

Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?
I currently shoot indoors at my studio in Dulwich, using predominantly natural light. If the weather permits, I can shoot outdoors, or both indoors and outdoors. Please note on booking that I can never guarantee an outdoor shoot due to UK weather. This is particularly pertinent for people with long hair on windy days, as your hair will be compromised. 
How long will it take?

Please leave 2 hours for your shoot - we rarely need it - but don't book anything in too tightly before or afterwards to remove 'headshot stress'. Please don't be late for your shoot as often I cannot run overtime depending on my diary. 


Can I bring someone with me? 


If you are planning to bring your anyone with you - baby, dog or even an MUA or stylist - discuss it with me before your shoot. Sometimes another person in the session isn't always helpful, and occasionally can slow the process down, delay arriving punctually, or make the space less comfortable for various reasons. The most important rapport in the room needs to be between you and I. 

How and when do I pay for my session? 

You pay for your session in cash on the day of the shoot, or via bank transfer 3 days before the shoot. Rates are £280 for everyone. This includes 250-300 shots in an online gallery to view, plus 3 digital retouches in colour to download. Please note that all retouching is done at the discretion of the company, and we will endeavour to carry out retouch notes. However, any retouch notes provided by the client are not guaranteed. 

In the rare event that you are unhappy with your session, I am always happy to negotiate whether a reshoot would be beneficial, but I do not offer refunds on headshot sessions. 

Unfortunately I cannot accept credit card or cheques as payment and do not operate a refund policy. A non-refundable deposit of £50 will be taken on booking to secure your session. If you don't pay the deposit, you may lose the session. You will lose the £50 deposit if you cancel or do not attend. However - if given plenty of notice and if I can fill your session, I will return your deposit or offer it as credit towards a future shoot. Please ensure you are happy with all terms before booking your session.

In the rare event that I need to cancel, your deposit will be returned to you. Please note that I am not responsible for any travel/accommodation incurred expenses.  


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions